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Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield.

Kingpin, Norman Osborn, and Montgomery Burns also made the top 10 list. Judge Death 4.


The Purple Man 2.

Name Generator UK lets you specify whether you need a name for a supervillain or a regular antagonist, as well as the gender you want, an adjective that describes him or her, and an animal he or she resembles the most, among other details. (2 min) It was stunning enough when explosive allegations over cheating in the world of elite chess turned into a 100. .


Third, an adversary or the public at large can saddle them with a less-than-flattering name. These menacing masters of madness and mayhem have wreaked havoc in comics and movies, and you can create your own with our villain name generator, which can either create random bad guys, or a. .

Was. For instance, dont name your villain Bob if your work is set in ancient Rome.


Incredible's long-time fan.

He keeps challenging Batman, who is known for his. The Incredibles.

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He was a former research scientist that invented a super polymer, he turned. via Warner Bros. .

Evil Boy Names with Villainous Meanings. . Have an appropriate name that meshes with the time period of your story. . Oct 21, 2019 If so, then it&39;s time for you to find your secret lair, embark on your evil schemes, and create a new identity with our supervillain name generator Choose from a list of names.

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He is first seen in The Incredibles confronting Mr. .

Get a personalised name and character description.


Prometheus (real name unknown) was the son of a pair of hippie criminals - Bonnie and Clyde types - who went on a robbery and killing spree before being gunned down by the police.


Heavenly Salvation Legion- Blood and Fire.